What readers are saying...

...about Between the Microwave and the Mall

“Rarely are people as willing as this to open themselves with such poignancy and eloquence, to make it just that little bit easier to get through the day because someone else understands.
Some days I wanted to read the next story and the next after that to see how many more of my thoughts she had read!
When someone else has been through the same struggles it seems easier to laugh at the events of the day - with this book, I could laugh at my day.”
- Kirsty Teague, mother of pre-schoolers

"Merilyn's book is full of warmth, realism, and practical ideas. I am presently experiencing many of the joys and challenges she shares from her parenting experience, and I've felt hugely encouraged by her good humour and good sense. Thanks Merilyn!"
- Melissa Harvey, lawyer and mother of 3

“I love this book. When I was at home with my young children I used to take a few minutes throughout the day to sit and read a few pages at a time. It was just the right dose to make me laugh or to encourage me, and always relevant for what I was experiencing at that particular time!”
- Teresea Munyard, mother of 4 and family businesswoman

...about Merilyn’s Christian Woman column

“Merilyn Packer writes encouraging and thought provoking ideas which stir the heart, mind and spirit to action. She engages skilfully with women, especially those who manage families across all shades of the generation spectrum.”
- Jenny Baxter, Editor, Christian Woman Magazine